This is an example of what we can do: a Bradford Score Customisation/Simulation


This software is a Monte Carlo style simulation of a company with 200 employees that has got records of absences over the last year/period.


The input percentages, orange cells, should be based on actual results from the

previous period but here it is a simulation. So, you just type in the numbers you have

or want to estimate, making sure they add up to 100% for each of the number

of absences and duration of absences and you will get an actual/simulated

Bradford Score in the output table.


The tables that follow illustrate your starting position or your current strategies for the Bradford Score. WE can work with you to update these tables to suit your own situation.














You don't need to understand what happens below row 25 in this model as that is where

the simulation is taking place!


Every time you press the F9 key you will create a new simulation: here are two sets of sample inputs and sample outputs:













You can see two completely different results from these two samples of 200 employees


sample one shows a relatively moderate situatin with no problems written warnings ... and so on

sample two shows a much more extreme situation in which final warnings and dismissals are prevalent


Your own real data will reveal the nature and meaning of your own, actual, staff profile.




Dr Tony Miller and Duncan Williamson




Bradford Score/Formula

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