Excel Spreadsheeting is my hobby and my livelihood. I spend many hours every week learning new things about Excel and developing new files and ideas. I have written seven books on Excel in the last three years and there will doubtless be more!


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The thumbnails on the right are linked to my latest three books and whilst I have called them Excel Solutions for Accountants, the reality is that just about anyone can benefit from reading and using them. After all, there are fully worked Excel files galore to go with them!


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I keep an Excel Blog and it is pretty well up to date ... go there and sign up and every time I post something you will receive a message telling you all about it. Click on the ExcelMaster logo to the right of this and you will go to the blog


Now What?


Since this site is so new at the moment I am still not sure what I will put here to do with Excel: after all, my blog is so comprehensive. Nevertheless, come here from time to time to see what I am up to! You are always welcome! Feel free to write to me at any time with ideas and challenges: in code to keep the spammers away duncan at duncanwil dot co dot uk will find me!




6th August 2015


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