Management Accounting Introduction


This section will contain a wide variety of examples and ideas from the very wide realm of management accounting. I won't try to anticipate what it might be but I am about to start by posting an abbreviated version of a page on how you find management accounting in a kitchen. I know, some of you don't know where and how your mother/spouse/partner does all of her cooking but trust me, it's a treasure trove for management accountants.


Apart from that, I will doubtless talk about basic management accounting, activity based costing, strategic cost management, target costing and much more.


You are free to join in at any time and make a contribution: I mean if you have a burning desire to create a page for this site, I will be happy to hear from you. My rules of acceptance are strict, though; but if you offer relevance and quality, you're in!


Here we are, then, page two of this revamped site: I won't keep counting them out but that's what it is!



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