What I Snap and Why I Snap Them

Generally I only take photographs of people if they are family or friends. I love taking potos of buildings, landscaes skies, insects, flora and fauna and all sorts of candid moments. In a sense I a quite random but there are threads as you will see!.


I love macro photography and the images on the right are macro images of a rubber tree see and the eyes and mouth parts of an insect: both images were taken in Thailand this year, 2015.


The aim of this section is for me to upload some of my photos just because I like them and want to share them, If you like them, just say so! I can always be found at duncan@duncanwil dot co dot uk



Just clikck on any of the pages in this section where you should see some kind of slideshow or a simple montage.


I have to say that I do use Photoshop and other image processing software but what you see here is largely shown as it was taken with very little if any post editing.





Duncan Williamson

10th Auguest 2015

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