Workforce Planning

This section is aimed at the workforce planning practitioner, student and trainee.


The purpose of this model is to enable you to analyse your Employee Database/Payroll records. Having copied or entered your data in your database you are then automatically presented with a wide variety of different analyses.


You will find the analysis contained in this model very helpful for basic data analysis as well as for such issues as succession planning, retirement planning, the need to monitor and even manage the health and smoking habits of your employees and so on.


For example, your data set will be analysed according to


age and by age and job and by age and department


whether employees smoke

whether employees are overweight

and several more


The CompPerfChart utility enables you to enter the payroll number for any employee and analyse their competence in terms of any tests you may have carried out on them. Your chosen employee's scores are then automatically mapped on a chart against your organisation's average data. On the same WorkSheet, there is an organisation wide analysis of all competence and performance scores in the form of a histogram.















Dr Tony Miller and Duncan Williamson